The Race Race, Breitbart’s Genius Move

On Monday, Andrew Breitbart released a video of Shirley Sherrod saying something that, at first glance, portrayed her as an out-and-out racist. The truth of it is, she probably isn’t a racist. And when I first watched the video, I knew that she probably wasn’t a racist.

We have come to the point in our history where political nuance is a thing of the past. Politicians can be marred by a single comment they’ve made at some point in their life that may or may not reflect their views as a whole. A joke taken out of context, a picture of you drinking beer, or in this case, a non-contextual example of a time when a person learned a bit about self-improvement can follow and ruin a person for life.

What’s funny is if you read the story by Andrew Breitbart, he continually refers to how the video shows racism. He’s right. Taken as it is, the video shows a ridiculously racist woman making ridiculously racist statements. But there is a deeper point to the story. Essentially, Breitbart is saying that the sort of racism depicted in this out-of-context video is the sort of racism that the NAACP is condemning and ought to distance itself from. Again, he’s right! It is. Because the recent condemnation by NAACP of Tea Party Racism is nothing more than a condemnation against manufactured racism. Tit for tat, I guess. If they want to condemn manufactured racism, then, I suppose, Breitbart wondered why a bit of racism couldn’t be manufactured and condemned on the other side as well.

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