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Published on March 6th, 2012 | by Luis Cavalcanti


Substitutes for the companies that dropped Limbaugh

Sleep NumberTempurpedic, Sealy, you’re weird off brands, and every other available mattress.
The Sleep TrainEvery Mattress store in the world. A highly substitutable good.
Quicken LoansYou might try your local bank.
Legal ZoomTook a little searching, but it appears that Nolo is a good LegalZoom substitute
CitrixOk, so Go2Meeting is addictive, and you’ll be sad to see it go… I know. But it’s a crowded space, and the alternatives are endless. All of the following have very different strenghts, but they are for web conferencing in one way or another: DimDim, WebEx, Yugma, Vyew, and Zoho
CarboniteThis is pretty much exactly the same product as Carbonite: Mozy
ProFlowersSo many people sell flowers. Try your local florist, Google a phrase like “Buy Flowers Online” or just go to ProFlowers’ biggest competitor and give them your money.
Tax ResolutionI don’t know about this one. Tax Resolution is one of the sketchiest markets. So maybe Google it and look through the results… use discretion. Or you can just call these guys. I don’t know anything about them. But they are part of the Better Business Bureau, have Yelp reviews, and a few other things that make me think they’re basically above board.
AOLWhy do you use AOL? Do you still pay for your dial-up?
BonobosI really like their pants… but they’re just pants. So, you can go right ahead and just buy your pants wherever you buy your pants. I’m probably one of like 8 people to have heard of this company.
SearsDon’t panic. I know that Sears might be hard to replace. But everything they sell, you can find at other stores… just not all at one store. So next time you go on a shopping spree think of maybe buying your tools, your washing machine and dryer, a couch, a bed, jewelry for your anniversary, a new dog, a grill, a new wardrobe, a vacuum cleaner in two trips instead of just one. Go to like, Best Buy, Mattress Giant, Kohls and Petsmart. That’ll pretty much cover ya’.
Allstate InsuranceYou’ve seen the commercials, you know the competitors: State Farm Insurance, Geico, Progressive

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