BredRed is a news site run by the obscure, and relatively unknown JDR Unseth. The reach of this site is surprisingly large, with a base of readers who write for the likes of Pajamas Media, Huffington Post, National Review Online and many more important publications. It might be said that BredRed is the most important unknown news source of it’s kind. Although those who said that would probably be lying. The writing here, I assure you, will suffer from a lack of brevity and an unhealthy portion of self-importance. So if you like that sort of thing, then this might (maybe) be the place for you. But if you’re a normal person and you are looking for some good writing, it is the suggestion of the BredRed staff that you stop reading immediately and pick up a good book (not one of those pretentious novels written in the last 15 years though (like Life of Pi)).

If you are liberal, I’m sorry. You will probably disagree with the writers here. Then again, if you’re a Conservative, you won’t find much here either. More or less, what I’m trying to say is, no one should read or spend any time on BredRed lest you find this meandering About page (which is indicative of what you will likely find everywhere on this site), quaint or endearing.

Our comprehensive list of constantly updated current news is the hard work of the BredRed team (the names of which can be found in our unpublished Masthead). We pride ourselves on finding great content, and when we write, we pride ourselves on scrawling high-brow and humorous drivel.

It is our editorial boards view that the internet is where writing goes to die, thus, we will gladly serve to you our written corpse upon a very thinly plated silver platter. Good luck reading what we write; but then what did you expect? After all, this is the internet.

If, even after reading this, you still want to contact us here, go ahead and send an email to webmaster@bredred.com. We get a lot of fan mail because we pay people to send it to us. But after we’ve dredged through all those incredibly flattering emails, we’ll figure a way to eventually get to your question.

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