After Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut last week, an uproar spread by leftist all over the internet, has encouraged Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers to leave the behemoth radio show’s ad schedule. So far, Rush has lost 3 12 33 advertisers. That according to ThinkProgress. Admittedly, they are padding the numbers, ecstatic about wins that aren’t really wins. A majority of the advertisers that have “dropped Limbaugh” didn’t even know they were advertising on Rush. Many of them put into their advertising contracts that, even in big ad buys, they do not want to run any ads on the stations airing Limbaugh’s program – local or otherwise. Technically, that means they dropped Limbaugh. But as a matter of fact, it is a bit deceptive. They even include Geico and JCPenney among the advertisers they’ve succesfully caused to boycott Limbaugh during the last few days, even though Geico pulled their advertising from the program nearly than 9 years ago (they did release a fairly harsh statement however), JCPenney has had a strict “no run” policy in place for a while and CapitalOne who swears that they have never even paid for ads on Limbaugh’s show. Nevertheless, (other than the JCPenney and Geico) I have included most of them in the list below so that you can know the circumstances around those that have dropped Limbaugh and those that have DROPPED LIMBAUGH… if you know what I mean.

In the end, Rush has lost a few major advertisers. But the numbers are being beefed up for effect. Most of the advertisers that have “dropped” his show, did nothing more than calling up their local station and asking that the station not run their ads during that slot. Those are cheap ads, and there haven’t been many stations that have been asked to not run their ad by more than one advertiser. So… in the grand scheme of things, ain’t no biggie. I presume that the only real painful losses are LegalZoom, SleepNumber, Citrix, Carbonite, ProFlower and Tax Resolution services. These advertisers have been with Rush for a very long time, and I’m sure their advertising budget is large and effective. What this all means is Rush will need to cover those 6 ad spots with other big advertisers. These advertisers have likely sacrificed their most important ad placement and they’ll feel it in the next few weeks/months. Just yesterday, Carbonite’s stock dropped nearly 9%.

The companies that were unknowingly running ads on Rush’s show are Bonobos, Sears, AllState, Bare Escentuals, Polycom, John Deere, Capitol One… and I’ll add more as I find them. The other companies listed below dropped ads on Limbaugh’s show outright.

edit:Sears did not intentionally run ads on Limbaugh. They did run ads the other day, but have since come out vehemently denying that they had intentionally purchased ads. This is pretty common in the ad space when big companies run ads. They oftentimes buy large packages, and end up advertising in places they did not intend. Similarly, Bonobos and AllState did not intentionally advertise on the Limbaugh show. Despite it being an oversight, they were advertisers before the offending remark and have put a special clause in their contracts with their buyers to ensure that they do not run during Limbaugh’s show. For that reason, they will remain on the list with this appended caveat. I leave them there because these same media buys can put them on any show, they are purchasing large swaths of advertising, and are responsible for where they end up. That said, a condition not to appear on a particular show in an advertising contract is the same as dropping a particular show from ad buys and will be adding any companies who have acted similarly to this list and will be hereafter linking to the company’s comment so you can decide for yourself how you might want to consider their actions. If you’ve never heard some of these advertisers on the show, it’s because a lot of these ad buys are in local markets. So, they were only heard in a place like, New York, or on a stateion in the Midwest, or something like that.


  1. I contacted Sears and they replied that they do not and have not advertised with Rush Limbaugh. Comment?

  2. They did advertise on Rush. They did it through a package they purchased. Now they have specified never to advertise on Rush’s show. It’s definitely form of pulling advertising.

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  4. It seems pretty telling to me that nearly all of big, bad Rush’s supporters have problems with basic communication. They can’t express themselves intelligently and fall back on what sounds (to my ears, anyway) like a bunch of discordant racket. What I’m trying to say is: You’re stupid. Stop trying to pretend you have brains.

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